Optimise print efficiency with Managed Print Services

18th March 2024 | Blogs


As technology in the workplace continues to evolve, we must help you harness its powers to benefit your business. While many service businesses remain confined to single disciplines, Workflo Solutions has extensive in-house expertise in managed print, digitisation, digital workflow solutions, electronic document management, cloud services migration, IT infrastructure support and hosted telephony to help fuel your business needs.

Modern workplaces demand a new approach to print. A strategy designed keeping security, flexibility, manageability, sustainability, and finances in mind. Trust workflo Solutions to optimise your print infrastructure for the modern workplace and start your journey towards digital success.

What are Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Printing plays a crucial function in most businesses. Unfortunately, since the functions of printers seem so simple and internal, it is typically overlooked when businesses reckon their costs. A business’s cost, level of responsibility and effectiveness are all affected by its approach to printing. Hence, why businesses need to choose a printing approach that works for them and their employees.

A Managed Print Service provider can help enhance all aspects of businesses' printing and document output processes. From needs assessment to tracking problems and solutions, an MPS provider has everything covered. This not only helps your business save unnecessary costs but also helps in saving time that can be utilised to focus on your core business work yielding more profit.

Why should you consider Managed Print Services?

An unmanaged printer fleet, not only makes your business inefficient but can also cost you money. Switching to a managed print service can not only help you gain control over your printer fleet and unpredictable printing maintenance & costs, but also help you cut down your paper use, lowering your energy consumption, and aiding towards your sustainability goals.

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Workflo Solutions offers a complete managed print solution tailored precisely to your business’s unique requirements. It also reduces the workload on your IT department, improving productivity and efficiency and reducing vulnerabilities in your devices by implementing print security software which in turn gives an increased level of security to your documents and data.

Finally, Workflo MPS will offer additional benefits to your business:


  • Automated toner monitoring, meter collection and more with our Workflo App.
  • Streamlined order process.
  • Guaranteed uptime and response time.
  • State-of-the-art equipment that meets all standard business needs (copy, print, scan).
  • Flexibility to change equipment if your requirements change.

Our Approach - Three Joint steps on the path to success.

It all starts with you. Your business objectives determine the path we take in implementing Print services for you. We adopt a consultative approach, working closely with you and your employees to analyse your current business processes and requirements so that we can align our service to your needs to deliver results today and further optimise operations for the future. This comprehensive approach is organised into three stages: Consultation, Implementation, and Management & Optimisation. With Workflo, you select the level of involvement that’s right for your business - you can either manage key components of MPS in-house or let us take full control- whatever works best with your budget and resources.

Three Joint steps on the path to success with Workflo Solutions

Why choose Workflo Solutions as your Managed Print Service Provider?

We understand that the decision to appoint a managed print supplier can be a complex one. The management of your infrastructure and processes is fundamental to your business, and with an almost endless supply of vendors, and an array of hardware and software options, each with differing strengths, it is easy to get lost in a sea of information.

Workflo's Managed Print Services (MPS) include the hardware and software you need to streamline and optimise the overall print environment so it reaches its ultimate potential. With over 15 years at the helm of the Managed print market, and always at the forefront of technology, delivering innovative, agile, and sustainable MPS, we ensure you get the most from your records and document management strategy, by furnishing your business with the best print and scan technology to maximise savings, efficiencies, and benefits.

With True Managed Print Services (MPS) we show you a path, which is tailored precisely to your company’s unique requirements, to more efficient workflows, more data security, and lower costs.

We begin with the end in mind, allowing us to continuously innovate, evolve, and manage as your business transforms over time.

To help, we’d like to outline some of our unique credentials as a partner and the benefits of choosing Workflo Solutions:


  • ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO27001 accredited.
  • Cyber Essentials Plus certified.
  • GDPR Compliant & ICO registered.
  • Best Business Award 2022 with 10+ various industry and business awards.
  • Independent & free from vendor dependency.
  • We've got National Coverage.
  • Real living wage and real living hours accredited employer.
  • Disability Committed employer.
  • Sustainability embedded.