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Elevate your business with Workflo Solutions, your trusted Managed IT service provider. Outsourcing IT to us not only slashes operating costs but boosts flexibility. From routers and keyboards to cybersecurity, our outsourced IT services save you time, letting you focus on your core business. As a leading IT provider, we offer fully managed support across sectors, expertly handling your technology needs. Deciding between in-house or outsourcing? We simplify the choice by aligning cost-effective IT support with your business goals. Small companies benefit from full outsourcing, while medium to large ones explore partial outsourcing. Workflo Solutions provides an efficient blend for seamless IT management.

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IT Infrastructure

We understand the pivotal role IT plays, impacting efficiency, productivity, and cyber threat resilience. From seamless migration to round-the-clock support, we handle it all. Our tailored solutions go beyond IT, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age. Crafted for sustained success, we ensure your infrastructure not only meets current needs but positions you strategically. Workflo Solutions guarantees uninterrupted online presence and security, offering more than just solutions—we offer a pathway to success in an ever- evolving technological landscape.

IT Service Management

Tailored to your needs, our services encompass remote and on-site technical support, expert hardware maintenance and installation, proactive account monitoring, and strategic account management. Our dedicated team is committed to swift issue resolution, offering total peace of mind. With Workflo Solutions as your trusted partner, embrace fully managed IT service management designed for efficiency and success. Our seamless and proactive support ensures your business operates smoothly and stays ahead in today's dynamic technological landscape.

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for businesses efficiently.
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IT Consultancy

From hardware and software to connectivity, WiFi, security, and backups, our experts assess it all. We identify improvement areas and keep you informed about recent technological advancements. Don't miss the chance to optimise your IT function. Let us guide you to a more efficient and secure technology landscape. Explore our customised solutions designed to keep you ahead in the dynamic tech world, ensuring you seize every opportunity for growth and success.

Business Cyber Security

Safeguard your business in the age of global connectivity with Workflo Solutions' robust network security. Our experts ensure comprehensive protection for emails, browsing, cloud networks, and hardware against evolving cyber threats. With cutting-edge detection, incident response, and recovery, we fortify systems, data, and personnel, providing advanced protection. Embrace the future with our next-gen managed cybersecurity services, exclusively designed to identify, mitigate, and proactively defend against security risks and attacks. Prioritise cybersecurity regardless of your business's size or industry, and stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape with Workflo Solutions' tailored solutions.

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Security Audit

Ensure your organisation's cybersecurity resilience with Workflo Solutions' Cyber Security Audit—a comprehensive assessment that delves deep into your data landscape, usage patterns, and existing security measures. In today's dynamic digital landscape, understanding your cyber risk is crucial. Our expert team provides a strategic compass for your business, highlighting potential vulnerabilities and offering actionable insights. The Cyber Audit serves as a foundational step, guiding you to informed decisions and fortifying your organisation against emerging threats.

Detection & Response

Detect, respond, and remediate modern cyber threats seamlessly with our experienced analysts leveraging your existing technology investments. Free your IT team from constant vigilance as we identify and respond to threats, ensuring swift actions against critical issues while preventing alert fatigue. Workflo Solutions guides you through the remediation process, neutralising threats comprehensively and establishing customised rules for continuous improvement. Experience an integrated approach to cybersecurity that simplifies operations and evolves alongside emerging threats.

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cyber security threats.
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Data Loss Prevention

Tailored to your unique needs, our Data loss prevention strategies address data risks, compliance standards, and overall business requirements. Embrace a cloud-first approach, seamlessly mapping and securing sensitive data across your hybrid environment. Gain full visibility into sensitive and unstructured data, promptly identify areas of exposure, and empower proactive responses to potential data exfiltration risks. With Workflo Solutions, enhance your data protection strategy, organise data effectively, and proactively mitigate risks for a secure and compliant business landscap

Cloud Strategy & Migration

As your trusted Managed Service Provider, we specialise in flawlessly transferring databases, applications, and IT processes, whether from traditional on-premises setups or between cloud platforms. Our meticulous approach ensures a secure transition, safeguarding your business-critical data and operational systems. Tailored to your unique business needs, we consider complex infrastructure, planning, timing, and security, guaranteeing minimal disruption to your operations. Workflo Solutions' dedicated cloud migration specialists guide you to the ideal technology, providing expert support for secure private clouds, robust public cloud solutions, or integrated multi-cloud strategies.

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from local servers to cloud.
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Post Migration & Cloud Management

Going beyond cloud migration, our comprehensive managed services ensure your cloud is expertly handled. We eliminate the hassles of cloud management, providing essential tools and ongoing support for optimal performance. From facilitating a smooth transition to sustaining and enhancing efficiency, Workflo Solutions empowers your business for ongoing success in the digital landscape. Trust us to manage your cloud services and computing solutions, allowing you to concentrate on core operations while we ensure your cloud consistently delivers exceptional results.


Unlock the full potential of your IT Infrastructure with Workflo Solutions' virtualisation services. Beyond cost reduction, we add resilience and boost performance. Analysing your unique needs, we advise on the best virtualisation services, carefully planning and managing migrations. Ensure optimal resource use, avoiding unnecessary investments as your business grows. Our virtualisation solutions, running multiple instances on the same hardware, provide insights into capacity and performance, optimising efficiency for business-critical applications. Seamlessly transform your technology platform with Workflo Solutions' end-to-end virtualisation solutions, driving success through innovation and reliability.

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Cloud Backup

Elevate your data protection strategy with Workflo Solutions' Business Cloud Backup service. Beyond safeguarding your company's data, it's a strategic measure for resilience. We create secure duplicates stored in a cloud environment, acting as a reliable safety net against accidental deletions, database corruption, or software challenges. Our tailored service shields data from potential threats, ensuring quick and seamless access and restoration. Workflo's approach to cloud backup is integral to a contemporary disaster recovery strategy, assuring not just protection but readily recoverable business information.

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Secure your business's future with Workflo Solutions' Disaster Recovery Planning. It's your vital blueprint for responding to unforeseen incidents, ensuring seamless continuity in the face of natural disasters, power outages, or cyber-attacks. Our Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services work hand in hand, storing a complete copy of critical data in the cloud with regular synchronisation. This enables file reversion to specific periods, offering a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan. Rest easy knowing you have a full business data backup readily available, safeguarding against potential loss or corruption of files

Microsoft 365 for Business

Elevate your team's productivity with Microsoft 365, a cloud-based subscription service that enables flexible work from any location or device. Our user-friendly approach allows seamless additions or removals based on your business needs, optimizing cash flow and reducing costs. This comprehensive suite includes essential apps like Outlook Email, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Microsoft 365 goes beyond, emphasizing collaboration with tools like Co-pilot SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Planner, ensuring efficient teamwork and streamlined workflows tailored to your business requirements. Unlock agility and productivity with Microsoft 365, your all-in-one solution for seamless and collaborative work environments.

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People collaborating on a cloud computing system powered by Microsoft

Microsoft Azure

Make the smart move to Azure for a balanced blend of security, flexibility, and cost- effectiveness, surpassing your current infrastructure solution. Witness the transformation as Azure enables your organisation to redirect investments towards business growth, people, and technology, eliminating infrastructure and server costs. Elevate the safety and robustness of Microsoft applications through Microsoft 365 Business, showcasing advanced security features. Experience a future-ready, efficient, and cost-effective technological landscape with the power of Microsoft Azure.


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