True Managed Print Service

Workflo Solutions delivers transformative Managed Print Services (MPS), redefining efficiency for businesses across diverse industries. Our True Managed Print Service represents a comprehensive partnership, guiding you towards enhanced productivity, maximum security, and optimised document output fleets. With a focus on environmental sustainability, financial viability, and user-friendly operations, we ensure tailored solutions that grow with your business. Our dedicated account managers ensure seamless operations with a swift response time, while our holistic approach considers employee insights for enduring relationships. Trust Workflo Solutions for unparalleled MPS, personalised to meet your business needs.

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Printer Security

Workflo Solutions prioritizes data security with advanced measures like IEEE 802.1X SSL and IPsec protocols. We safeguard confidential documents through encryption and user authentication methods like PIN codes or biometric scans. Our "Secure Print" feature adds an extra layer of defense, ensuring secure document handling.

Production Print Devices

Embark on a journey of enhanced efficiency and superior quality with Workflo Solutions' specialised Managed Print Services – introducing our unique Production Print solutions. Tailored specially for commercial printers seeking streamlined operations, cost reduction, and waste minimisation, our Production Print service stands out in its seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and software-driven workflows.

Our Production Print service utilises sophisticated devices capable of providing high-speed, high-volume, and high-quality outputs, and automating functions like binding, folding, and trimming to create fully formed booklets and pamphlets.

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Digital Mailroom

Transform your mailroom operations with Workflo Solutions' Digital Mailroom service, revolutionising how you manage incoming mail. Our Digital Mailroom solution leverages cutting-edge technology to digitise your incoming mail, providing secure access and retrieval for your employees regardless of their location. By automating document-centric processes and connecting data across platforms, we enhance operational efficiency and facilitate collaboration across your organization.

Gone are the days of manual mailrooms prone to errors and inefficiencies. With Workflo Solutions, setting up and using our Digital Mailroom service is seamless. Upon instruction, our team collects your mail and transports it to our secure scanning facilities, ensuring the chain of custody remains intact throughout the process.

Our experts scan and automatically capture keywords from your mail, enabling auto-routing to the intended recipients. You have full control over exception processing, ensuring secure and efficient mail handling at every step.

Rest assured, your information is safeguarded with Workflo Solutions. With robust encryption protocols and compliance with industry standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO27001, your digital mail is stored securely in our information management platform.

Transform your mailroom operations with Workflo Solutions' Digital Mailroom service, where security, efficiency, and compliance converge to elevate your document management processes.

Print Consultancy

Workflo Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to document infrastructure optimisation, encompassing Print Consultancy, Implementation, and Management Services. From initial analysis to seamless implementation and ongoing management, we prioritise understanding your unique needs and delivering tailored solutions that drive lasting success. With Workflo, you can streamline your operations, maximise efficiency, and achieve your business objectives with confidence.

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analysis, implementation and management.

Zero Waste Recycling

At Workflo Solutions, sustainability is at the forefront of our operations, and our commitment extends beyond just printing to include responsible management of print consumables. We offer a zero waste processing cycle for print consumables, ensuring that every component is recycled and repurposed to minimise environmental impact.

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Paper Shredding: (recycling)

Paper shredding is an essential component of sustainable print practices, aligning perfectly with our commitment to environmental responsibility at Workflo Solutions. By securely destroying sensitive documents that are no longer needed, paper shredding reduces paper waste, promoting a more sustainable approach to waste management. This process also contributes to resource conservation by recycling shredded paper, which helps preserve trees and reduce energy and water consumption in paper production. Moreover, secure paper shredding ensures data security and confidentiality, mitigating the risk of data breaches and identity theft. At Workflo, our paper shredding services reflect our dedication to corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship. We strive to minimise our environmental footprint and promote sustainable practices throughout the document lifecycle, making paper shredding an integral part of our sustainable print solutions.

Print Releaf

At Workflo Solutions, we are committed to making every page count towards a greener future. We’re devoted to creating a business that encourages sustainability in the services we offer. Hence, in support of our commitment to sustainability, we have partnered with Print Releaf to offer our customers the ability to offset their paper footprint.

PrintReleaf measures your paper consumption over time, calculates how many trees were harvested to produce your paper consumption and automatically rainforests trees at planting sites of your choice. Plant as you print using completely automated, end-to-end integration from printer to seedling, there is no software to install! Our mission is to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure we leave this planet better than we found it.

With Workflo Solutions, transform your print infrastructure while fulfilling your Sustainable Development Goals and improving your environmental impact.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

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GDPR Compliance

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Tailored Solutions

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Security Assurance

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Mobile App

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Ongoing Support

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Backed by industry-accepted certifications and compliant with industry standards, our services ensure your business is in safe and secure hands.

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