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The NCSC has advised that ‘organisations should prepare their cyber security following Russia’s further violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity. This has caused the cyber security threat to be raised.

Organisations face various cyber security threats over time, the kinds and seriousness of these threats can vary. This increase in threat level means that companies must find the right balance between an ongoing threat, what preventative steps are required to defend against it, the cost and implications of the preventative measures that the defense incurs, and the risk posed to the organisation.

What is a heightened alert?

This means that cybercrime is now more expected than usual. Acting under this heightened threat ensures that necessary cyber security work is prioritised, it also means that there is a temporary boost in cyber security, preparing your strategy also means that your business has a higher chance of stopping a cyber-attack and is more likely to recover faster if one was to happen.

What can impact your business cyber security risk?

An increase in adversary capabilities (often only temporarily increased), an example being zero-day vulnerabilities in a widely used service such as the recent Log4shell vulnerabilities. While thE NCSC states that it is highly unlikely that an organisation has any influence over the threat level, this means that being prepared and having an agile cyber security plan in place is crucial. Even cyber criminals who have lots of experience still turn to known vulnerabilities and rely on known vulnerabilities like password spraying and email phishing etc.

Although an organisation is unlikely to make mass changes to their systems quickly in response to a threat, they still can and should be taking every precaution to ensure they are as prepared as they can be. The NCSC recommends carrying out the following procedures, checking system patching, verifying access controls, ensuring defenses are working, logging and monitoring, reviewing your backups, having an incident plan in place, checking your internet footprint, having a phishing response and protocol in place, reviewing third party access and briefing everyone in your wider organisation.

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